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The Fairfield Homestead Heritage Association publishes a "Summer Newsletter" for Friends of Fairfield House. These give an overview of activities and some history related to Fairfield House. The topics of the Fairfield Homestead Timeline articles are listed with the issue year below.

"Fairfield Notes" started during the summer of 2020. They have articles focussed on selected artifacts, as well as notes of current events and topical pastimes.

In 2020, the first videos were produced to share the site and the collection.

Here is a selection of Newsletters, Fairfield Notes, and videos.

Newletters (To download, right click the link and select "Save link as...".)
  • Summer 2020
  • Summer 2019` "Fairfield Horticulture"
  • Summer 2018` "The Fairfield-Hawley Connections" (people and buildings)
  • Summer 2017 1816: A Schooner for Stephen; Dora's CookBook and Family connections
  • Summer 2016 Documenting the start of Tavern Operaion"
  • Summer 2015"A Fairfield House in Gananoque in 1794?"; Fairfield House East Porch Roof
  • Summer 2014 Arrival of the Loyalists in 1782 and Tapping into the Tavern
  • Summer 2013 Homestead through 220 years
  • Summer 2012 War of 1812 and the Fairfield Homestead.

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