About the Fairfield Homestead Heritage Association

The Fairfield Homestead Heritage Association is a non-profit, charitable organization working
  • to ensure the preservation of the Fairfield Homestead, including the house, associated collections of documents and artifacts, and the adjacent landscape
    for the study, education, and enjoyment of present and future generations.

  • to provide a variety of opportunities for the discovery and appreciation of the heritage of the Fairfield Homestead and its neighbouring region.

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The motto for the FHHA is "Caring about the Past; Working for the Future".
We carry out these aims both by volunteer work and by fund-raising.

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Membership fees and donations to the FHHA are eligible for charitable tax receipts.
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The First Decade

1990: The Fairfield Homestead Heritage Association (FHHA for short) formed when the provincial agency responsible for Fairfield House ceased the operation of Fairfield Historical Park.

1991: The FHHA began providing guided tours of Fairfield House five days a week,from Canada Day to Labour Day each summer. The working arrangement with the St Lawrence Parks Commission continued until the property was transferred from the Province to the Municipality of Loyalist Township, (formerly Ernestown Township).

1993: The 200th anniversary of Fairfield House was FHHA's first major public event, done in partnership with Ernestown Township. Fairfield descendants joined FHHA members and the local community for a day of activities.

1994: Fairfield House received designation as a heritage property under the Ontario Heritage Act through the recommendation of the Ernestown Township LACAC, now the Loyalist Township Heritage Committee.

1999: Fairfield House became the property of Loyalist Township. The FHHA gained a working agreement with the Township to continue public heritage programming at Fairfield House and to contribute financially to the physical preservation of the house.

Into the 21st Century

Since 1999, the FHHA has restored the chimney tops to their 19th century form, had foundation masonry repaired, contributed to the painting of the house exterior, provided half the cost of a new cedar-shingle roof, and sponsored an architectural assessment of the shed. The FHHA Garden Committee formed.

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